Urban Goddess Circles

women’s circles
for modern women

We are women of the modern age.

But we still need deeper connections.

We crave for a place to release, replenish, and relax .

We desire to be seen and accepted as we are.

Dear Goddess,

I invite you to enter a space where all this is possible!

~ Urban Goddess Circles ~

Imagine a place where you can come and rest.
A place where you can take off all the masks and just be yourself.
A place where you don’t have to pretend to be anyone, where you can afford to be truly authentic.
A place where you are unconditionally accepted, where you feel safe.
A place where you can express your opinion without fear of judgment or condemnation.
A place where other women keep you company, where there is no rivalry,
competition, or comparison.
A place where everyone is for themselves and for themselves, but we are all equal.
We are all one. And each of us is a unique Goddess.

That place exists.

It’s women’s circles!

You don’t need to be an esoteric queen to want to attend a women’s circle (but you might!).
I consider myself to be a modern woman.
But nevertheless, I find it nourishing and replenishing to find time and space to connect to myself—through dance, meditation, deep conversations with other women, and other (more or less) spiritual practices.
I have created a space for you to do exactly that!
So that you can find that precious time for YOURSELF in your busy life.
To connect with yourself and your soul.
To activate your inner GODDESS.
To connect with other women and not feel all on your own in this rushed world.

The circles take place live in Trnava – in the intimate space of

In case you have some questions…

Why circles in the English language?

I like combining my skills. I used to give English lessons, and many of my training materials and resources are in English.

I want to combine the pleasant with the useful.

A Women’s Circle as a place for women’s connection—with themselves, with other women, and with the divine.

And practicing the English language. In an environment that is friendly, accepting, and stress-free.

What level does my English need to be to participate?


We have a tendency to underestimate ourselves, so I really, really encourage you—do not shy away, just come! You do not need to talk at all if you do not wish to. This is not an English lesson. No one will pressure you to speak, ask you questions to test your language proficiency, or shame you for not speaking grammatically correctly or not knowing the right words.

Just come and try it.

I am a native English speaker or a foreigner. Can I participate?

Certainly! I love connecting with women from all cultures and backgrounds. I am an eager traveler, and I have met the nicest and most amazing people all around the world. I think that your presence in a women’s circle would totally enrich us. Again, your English can be at any level.

Is the circle compatible with my faith?

A Women’s Circle is a place where we accept ourselves as we are, regardless of our religion or lack thereof. The Women’s Circle is not about convincing someone of the right opinion. It is first and foremost about meeting yourself, and enriching yourself with other people’s opinions, which you may or may not accept. And that’s okay.

The only „requirement“ is to be open-minded and tolerant.

What are the prerequisites for attending a women's circle?

NONE! Just come as you are 🙂 Come with an open mind, curiosity, and a willingness to connect with yourself.